INUSUAL is design, architecture, interior design, art, inventiveness, and management.

We offer a creative and technical service that fits the needs of each project, as shown by all the work carried out both in Spain and beyond. We are experts in Restoration, Hotels, Leisure, and rich in know-how, Local and international experience. Knowledge we acquired from here and there, from Kuwait to Colombia, from Russia to Morocco, through Venezuela, China, Mexico and Europe, among others, and of course in Barcelona.

INUSUAL, never closer to the truth, is a joint commitment as ambitious and honest as it is coherent:
Ambitious, because it is located internationally with the strength and know-how acquired, but knowing that everything is still yet to be done, and continuing to experiment is the way to know and project yourself professionally.
Honest, because beyond sustainability, is the co-responsibility on the environment and the reality of our day to day.
Coherent, because it seeks a balance between illusion and efficiency, between creativity and the media.

At the end, we are a team trained in completing comprehensive design projects, from interior design to architecture, from industrial design to conceptual design, trained in engineering and construction coordination. Competent in the delivery of any project and to take it from conceptualization to execution


We take care of everything from conceptualization to the delivery of the keys, taking responsibility for all stages: analysis, design, preparation of descriptive and technical reports, budgeting, construction, production, monitoring of the work … not only in the field of design, both creatively and technically, we collaborate with the professionals necessary to ensure the viability of the project. From the management and permits, technical engineering in installations, landscaping, industrial design, graphic to even energy saving.
· Management of permits and llcències
· Basic project
· Technical project
· Technical and budgetary assessments
· Hiring
· Production
· Delivery

We offer diverse advice related to space; from distribution changes, color palettes, decoration ideas, or lighting advice among others. Often you do not need to demolish everything to get an adequate space. Ask us.

· Distributions
· Color palette
· Decor
· Illumination
· Specific reforms

From our study we also bring to reality all those projects that are necessary. Both complete works and special decorative elements. We control and manage the necessary works, from the search of suppliers to the follow-up of the different tasks:
· Adaptation to the current construction and safety regulations
· Construction management
· Organization of service providers and calendars
· Control of supplies
· Design, production, monitoring and control of special elements

 Analysis of the costs of a work, through the search of different budgets proposed by different industrialists:
· Valuations of items and industrial
· Advice on quality-price
· Logistics, storage and implementation.

Monitoring and supervision of the different phases of work.
• Site control visits and finishes.
• Solutions to unexpected events.

Control of material guarantees and durability. Maintenance manual.

Interior design. Architecture and design. Engineering. Industrial design. Furniture construction Construction and construction management. Art direction. Styling Design of ephemeral spaces. Special projects. Illumination design. Conceptualization of ideas and spaces. Landscaping Exteriorism Colorimetry Advice to the client. Design consultancy Budget advice. Project management. Hotel Design Restaurant Design Design of Bars. Design of Singular spaces. Showrooms Casino design Club design

We are

Jordi Canora

With an eclectic education, which starts between the University of Barcelona at the San Jordi School of Fine Arts and Scenic Spaces at the Institut del Teatre, it soon intervenes in multiple stage and film projects developing its own company in 1991. Since then the training and management of creative and construction equipment are part of their DNA. With a spirit of tireless research and research in different fields of design, ranging from industrial design to architecture, he currently assumes the direction of Inusual.

genisminGenís Solé

Multidisciplinary designer, furniture design lover, lighting and experiences. Graduated in 2009 at the design university Elisava, specialized in product design. Work experience in different architecture and interior design studios in Barcelona, ​​plus 3 years living and working in Bogotá (Colombia) coordinating interior design projects with Jordi Canora in the Caribbean area (Colombia, Mexico and Dominican Republic). He won a first prize in the furniture design contest in Manacor in 2008, and another special mention in 2011. Creator with Ana Cristina Díaz, of Pregadeus (

hernanHernán Navarro

Vocation designer, trained as an Architect in Caracas 2003 and complemented a study in Interior Design and Industrial Modeling at the Escola Massana, Barcelona. His experience ranges from the development of projects for the Oil Industry, as well as the development of housing and institutional buildings in Venezuela. In Barcelona his experience is extended as an Interior Designer and Industrial Designer, both for the studies he carries out and for the offices to which he has rendered service. With Unusual He participates in interesting projects from spatial, structural conceptualization, to the design of his interiors and part of the furniture

nataliaNatalia Izabella Staniek

Descendant of a Polish family, Natalia was born and raised in Kuwait, where she graduated from high school focusing on Art & Design. He then continued to develop this passion in Florence, Italy, where he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design and Product followed by a Master’s Degree in Interior Design for Commercial Spaces in the IED of Barcelona, ​​Spain. His professional experience includes working in Kuwait and Barcelona as an interior designer and many years of freelance work in 3D rendering and modeling. His work experience ranges from the design of private villas in Kuwait, the design of lighting and furniture, to the design of restaurants and clubs in Barcelona.


Tamarit Beach Resort
Hoteles Catalonia
El Terrat
Luckia Casinos
Golden Park
Club Catwalk
Zamba Casinos
Grupo Iglesias

International presence; Projects carried out in:

Europe: Spain. France. Italy. Germany. Denmark. Switzerland. Croatia. Russia. Andorra. Portugal.
America: USA. Mexico. Colombia. Dominican Republic. Brazil.
Asia: Kuwait. Taiwan Macao China.
Africa: Morocco.


Riera Coma Fosca 35
08328 – Alella (Barcelona)

Tel: (+34) 609 479 914